Over 50 projects are now using Micrio to tell their story. Here are some prime examples that really show the potential of Micrio.

The writing room of Jozua Douglas

An interactive 360° photo with two writing minigames for the annual Dutch Children's Book Week 2018

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Your Life in 5G

A visual tour through the new possibilities 5G will offer

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The Metamorphosis of Escher

An interactive documentary about the life and work of M.C. Escher.

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The Garden of Earthly Delights

The interactive documentary about the famous painting by Jheronimus Bosch

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Below the Surface

The archaeological finds of the Amsterdam North/South metro line in one giant image

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Door het hart van China

Interactive in-depth photo storytelling for the Dutch documentary series Through the heart of China.

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Hollands Hoop: Seizoen 2

Interactive discovery for the new season of the Dutch television show Hollands Hoop.

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The Bigger Picture

Read the stories behind the photos

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Below are a few randomly selected samples taken from this Wikimedia Commons site containing ultra resolution photography of famous artworks done for the Google Art project.

Canaletto - Bucentaur's return to the pier by the Palazzo Ducale -- between 1727 and 1729
Giovanni Bellini - Saint Francis in the Desert -- circa 1480
Hans Holbein the Younger - The Ambassadors -- 1533
Édouard Manet - In the Conservatory -- 1879
Bernat Martorell - Altarpiece of Saint Vincent -- circa 1438-1440
Van Gogh - Starry Night -- 1889
Radha and Krishna in the boat of love -- 1755
Processional Way, Babylon -- 604 BCE - 562 BCE
Georges Seurat - A Sunday on La Grande Jatte -- 1884