Terms of Agreement

Micrio is an online service that allows you to upload high resolution images. Micrio offers a web client with zoom functionality and allows you to create a story about the image.

With a basic image-only hosting account, you can upload a (large) image and

With a full storytelling plan, you can additionally enrich the image with your story by

You can publish the number of stories according to your chosen plan.

Each full subscription comes with 1 TB of outgoing data transfer included per 5GB per month. Image only plans come with 20GB outgoing data traffic per 5GB storage.

The customer and possible affiliates cannot create a stand-alone service out of Micrio, independently copy Micrio apart from the developed platform, resell or sublicense Micrio without permission from the provider Q42.

The Intellectual Property (IP) of Micrio are owned by and stay with Q42.

The rights of the images being used in Micrio stay with the customer. The customer is obligated to make sure it has the rights to make use of these images in an online service.

The Micrio service stores the images in Google Cloud Storage. The Micrio service creates tiles from the images in order to enable the zooming functionality. These tiles are also stored in Google Cloud Storage. The Google CDN is used to deliver the images on the internet.

Upon termination of the subscription, the images of the customer will be irrevocably deleted.