About Micrio

Micrio is a product created at Q42, a strategic technology agency. Micrio founder Marcel Duin has worked tirelessly with colleagues to get it up and running and to offer this as a new way of viewing images online.

Micrio started as the technology behind the interactive documentary of Jheronimus Bosch' Garden of Earthly Delights, triggering a worldwide audience and receiving many awards. This project showed how you can tell an engaging story about and with beautiful images.

After this project, we received lots of request to do create similar interactives. Instead of doing these projects, we decided to make tools with which everyone can create these stories: the Micrio platform.

All of the features you see in the Garden of Earthly Delights and showcases are now available in our own Micrio platform. In this platform you can upload your high-resolution imagery (no resolution limits, i.e. 150,000 x 150,000 pixels will work), annotate it in our comprehensive editor, and share it easily through the web. It works out of the box on all modern browsers and platforms, and has been created with the highest performance and bandwidth optimizations in mind, so it goes smoothly on all sorts of devices.

You can upload your image, add markers to it, create marker tours, video tours, add positional audio and music, and share this worldwide instantly. And very easily embed them into your existing website using a single <micr-io> HTML element.

The team is continuously working on new features.