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The ultimate high resolution image viewer

Putting high resolution imagery online in an easy way has been a hassle so far, with Micrio you can easily view and share hi-res art, designs, satellite imagery and panoramas.

Uses for Micrio


Presenting high-resolution photography of artwork or digital art has never been easier!


Enable your e-store visitors to zoom in on the fabric of the clothes, increasing your conversion rate.

ultra large images

For (space) organisations who work with petapixel images, Micrio is extremely well-suited-- client performance is solid independent of image size.


Delivering high resolution images needs to be fast and simple. It has a client and server component, and is useable for both non tech-savy people and adepts. It's easy to implement in existing websites and also has a comprehensible API for processing big collections of images.

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Use your mouse, keyboard or touch device to zoom in and out and to navigate through the image.

Image courtesy of © NASA


Micrio works smoothly on all kinds of devices, from retina displays to mobile phones. It has been designed to bring the best performance at the least CPU and bandwidth cost.

For developers, Micrio is a fire-and-forget solution for putting large images on websites. You upload a single full-resolution instance of the image and let the web clients figure out which resolutions they will download it at. No more media queries, isRetina-cookies or if(mobile) hassle.


Micrio has already proven valuable for a handful of projects. Below is a small selection.

ESA - Sentinel images

Satellite photography brought to the web, courtesy of the ESA Sentinel missions.

Jheronimus Bosch - The Garden of Earthly Delights // an Interactive documentary
Teaching art history online can be tough, despite a wealth of tools and technologies it's difficult to create an environment that compares to a great teacher who can make artworks engaging to a live audience. However, this new interactive exhibit of Hieronymus Bosch' famous Garden of Earthly Delights completely nails it. This is the internet we were promised.

-- This is Colossal

Van Gogh Museum

Micrio is used by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to disclose all of his paintings, alongside with sketches and letters that are in the museum's collection.

About us

Micrio is a product created at Q42, a professional bunch of nerds based in The Netherlands. Micrio founder Marcel Duin has worked tirelessly with colleagues to get it up and running and to offer this as a new way of viewing images online.

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