What Micrio can do for your industry

Micrio was created to tell the stories that were hidden in a medieval painting. However, art is not the only thing that holds stories.. see examples of how we can help you tell yours, for which industry you may be from.

Luxury goods

Highly detailed product presentation

© Cees de Jonge, Modemuze

Sometimes renders are just not good enough. Capture the exquisite details of your product with high resolution photography and present your craftsmanship and attention to detail in a captivating way. From fine jewelry to high-end watches, we understand it's all in the details.


Virtual photographic car presentation

© Stephen Momot @ Flickr

From the interior to the exterior, provide potential buyers with the level of detail your vehicle deserves. Take them through exciting new features and let them explore every curve and feature up close. Whether they're luxury new models or revamped old-timers, Micrio provides a platform to showcase automotive excellence.

Architecture & real estate

Architectural presentation


How to bring across big ideas and innovative designs? Let Micrio help you by letting clients to virtually walk through, helping them to visualise interiors and experience the scale.


Micrio's largest client base are museums. Whether you want to present a large online collection in its highest detail, or you want to create captivating tours through your museum's masterpieces, Micrio is experienced in helping to meet your needs.


Use the power of storytelling for your educational content. Whether you have text, audio, images or videos to support your message, Micrio helps you to bring lessons to life.


Explore the cosmos in unprecedented detail with Micrio. Showcase the complexity of engineering a spacecraft, or breathtaking views of the universe. Micrio offers a platform to share the wonders of aerospace exploration with the world.

Archives & libraries

Cultural heritage must be preserved, digitisation is more important than ever. Present historical documents, manuscripts, and artifacts in stunning detail online. Micrio provides a platform for archives and libraries to showcase their collections and make them accessible to a global audience.


Create immersive product presentations that drive engagement and sales. Let customers digitally walk through new collections and showcase special editions with the product tour, elevating their shopping experience from within their homes.

Many more possibilities to explore, be creative and try it out yourself!

Explore what Micrio can offer for your content. Sign up for a trial and please reach out if you want to discuss your wishes.