Privacy policy

By creating a Micrio account, only the following data will be stored regarding your account:

You can permanently delete any uploaded images yourself, using the Micrio dashboard. No copies of deleted images remain on any of Micrio's servers.

None of your data, information, and uploaded images will be shared with any third party.

To permanently remove your account and all records and images associated with it, please send an email to with your request. Any valid requests will be completed within 30 days.

Your data and images

Micrio uses Google Cloud services for its database, file storage and CDN (Content Distribution Network). Its used main servers are located in Western Europe.

Read Google Cloud's privacy policy here.

Your payment data

Micrio uses Stripe for payment processing. We do not store any personal data or credit card information in our database, only whether a user has succesfully entered payment details, and whether payment transactions themselves have succeeded or not. All payments and card info are dealt directly with Stripe.

Read Stripe's GDPR privacy policy here.