Plans & pricing

Micrio is available as a subscription service. Plans vary with the number of Micrio stories you want to tell or the size of your image collection. All mentioned prices are including 21% NL VAT.



€6 €7 per month*
  • 5,000 Or 400GB traffic
  • 1GB
  • 400 megapixels
  • JPEG
  • High res regular and 360° images
  • Markers and marker tours
  • Positional audio and audio tours
  • Access to online documentation
  • Direct support


€59 €74 per month*
  • 50,000 Or 5TB traffic
  • 10GB
  • 900 megapixels
  • All previously mentioned
  • Embed projects within your own website
  • Access to online documentation
  • Direct support

Most used Premium

€119 €149 per month*
  • 250,000 Or 10TB traffic
  • 25GB
  • 10 gigapixels
  • All previously mentioned
  • Collaborate in a multi-user, multi-project dashboard, up to 4 accounts
  • Invoice payments possible
  • Access to online documentation
  • Direct support


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  • 1,000,000+ Or 35TB+ traffic
  • 100GB+
  • > 1 terapixel
  • All previously mentioned
  • 360° video support
  • 10 user accounts included
  • Server API access for connecting to existing systems
  • Your own Azure/Google/AWS hosting
  • Custom SLA agreements possible on request
  • Access to online documentation
  • 4 hour developer training session
  • Limited developer e-mail support
* Show me prices for if I would pay per

Custom work and other options

Do you...

  • Need more storage or data than offered above
  • Have an existing image collection
  • Want bespoke work

We offer various services to get the most out of your wishes. We can migrate your existing image collections, create custom projects (such as on our showcases page), and can support your own cloud-based hosting accounts.

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Usage examples

To give an idea about actual usage, here are some real world examples:

Type Number of images Image resolution Image size 1 Storage used Visitors / month Bandwidth used 2
A few very large images 3 50.000 x 50.000 650MB 2GB 1000 65GB
Many large images 250 20.000 x 10.000 55MB 13.75GB 1000 5.5GB
A lot of medium images 1000 6.000 x 4.000 10MB 10GB 1000 1GB
  1. All uploaded images (RAW, TIFF, JPG) are converted to JPG tiles, so their storage size could be different from the original. It's also possible to preserve transparency on PNG files, though that results in larger image tiles.
  2. On average, 10% of an image's tiles will be downloaded per visit

For the specific service details, please take a look at the terms & conditions.

Additional fees for data transfer.

Every subscription comes with outgoing data transfer included. Once you're over the included data limit, the following data fees apply (calculated per month):