Satabdi Kabiraj, 18

We are facing a serious water crisis in our village.

The water that people are forced to drink is heavily polluted. They fall ill with waterborne diseases and are forced to spent their scarce income on doctors and medicine. Then they do not have enough money to buy enough food that is also healthy. Our population is in bad health because of climate change!

We need pumps and filters to provide for safe drinking water!

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Welcome Welcome to our climate-smart village, Gongarampur (Bangladesh)!

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The Empower Youth for Work project in Bangladesh is working on the first ever ‘climate-smart village’ in Khulna district, one of the climate vulnerable areas in the country.

This youth led pilot aims to increase the knowledge and skills of youth and community on climate related issues. In Gongarampur, the lack of fresh water is the main issue related to climate change.

Find out how young people are taking action to improve the lives of their community. Join their actions and support their quest.

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Saroj Roj, 22

I just finished my master in business and have returned to my village.

I am really worried about the future of our children. They don’t grow properly and this is mostly due to the consequences of climate change.

The drinking water is making them sick and because most of their parents are farmers and harvests are failing the do not get enough and healthy food. They drop out of school and their chances for a better life are gone.

We need our government to act on this and make sure our kids get a proper future!

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The fisherman

In the old days, there was plenty of fish. We used to have a good life. Now that the rains are staying away our ponds dry up.

The farmers have to take the water from the channels to water their crops.

And the water is not fresh anymore. The fish are weak and dying.

It is a hard time for a fisherman to survive.

Stay connected!

Fresh water is the source of life. Let us join hands, hearts and minds to create a climate-smart planet. We have already started in our village Gangarampur.

But to make the climate-smart village a reality, we need your support. We can only guarantee clean water and a better future with our joint efforts.

Action starts with sharing this story about our climate-smart village.

Do you want to know more about the climate-smart village model and make you own contribution? Contact Empower Youth for Work.

Tama Sarkar, 19

I am very lucky to have been able to finish secondary school.

A lot of girls in my village waste their precious time waiting in line for the only safe well we have in the village to provide water for their families.

They drop out of school and their future is wasted. Early marriage and motherhood is what they are facing.

I want to stop this by making it happen that more water pumps and filters are available in our village!

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Tonmoy Roy, 17

Ever since I was a child I wanted to do good things for my village. We learned a lot from NGO’s and I decided to continue working with different development projects.

But I lacked the strength to go for big changes. Because of EYW this has changed. I now have the courage to go for it.

So I fight for the construction of a big channel from the river to our village to to irrigate our lands I also plan to build a water tank higher up to get water pressure and I will distribute it through pipeline to every household.

I need people from all over the world to support me in our fight!

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