Cassels Rd, Gilpin Reserve, and Hope St, from the series Nature Strip @daisynoyesphoto

Greg and Emmylou, Lismore, NSW. Daily isolation and social distancing in accordance with NSW law. @elise.derwin

The 19th in a series of portraits of people self isolating at home. Each has given their own personal reflections on the times we are living through. “The shock and reality of COVID-19 came early for me in late January. Some of my family in China are health professionals, and everyone was nervous. I lost nights of sleep and would be short of breath just thinking about it. Actual social distancing has been restful. There's still so much I have access to - like dancing and reconnecting with friends. I don't feel the pressure to be productive, but I'm not any less productive than before. I haven't seen my boyfriend in over a month. But other than that, I really enjoy it.” - Chelsea @livmanntremblay

Dr. Brian Li poses for a photo at Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital wearing a modified snorkel mask developed using 3D printing technology. @johnhryniukphotography

My local hospital - Lewisham, London 8PM - Thursday 23rd April 2020. The medical workers come outside for a brief respite to be greeted with cheers, claps and the sound of honking horns from passing traffic. @mrmasseyman

"Ti­a Anita" Lockdown diary. No soy madre, pero la cuarentena obligatoria se convierte en una ocasión de convivir con 2 pequeñxs seres humanxs, sobrinitos de corazón. @anitapouchardserra

Adventures in isolation, day 7. Self, isolated. @_andgeorges

Heidy & Erwin The State of Being Alienated. Vandaag 4/19 Laat de vervreemding je verrassen @bvanleenen

I found a little friend in the rain. Being in isolation is a strong limitation of space: The world is closing in, to a few square meters of my bedroom, taking me hostage and restricting my encounters to online zoom meetings. But while this claustrophobic situation might lock us in a limited physical space, we still have the opportunity to create new, imaginary spaces. @nadjaellinger

"Always and Never at Home." Heterotopia is a term dreamt up by Michel Foucault to describe a space of "Other", worlds within worlds, the space of a phone call, mirror, screen or virtual environment. @mrhughfox

The second piece of my ongoing Veggies series, what I started during the quarantine period. @tibor_galamb

(CWM) Pandemic Frenzy, 2020 / after Anna and Bernhard Blume, Kitchen Frenzy, 1986. In memory of Anna Blume, whom we lost last year. @rolls_and_tubes

Lester is 33 years old from the Philippines. He has been living in Bologna for 11 years and three times a day he cleans and sanitizes the train station to fight the spread of the Coronavirus disease. @michele_lapini_photo

David 82/28 As an exercise in socially distanced connection with the other over 70’s in the town, I asked my neighbours how old they felt inside. From ‘Isolating the Elderly’. @_christiandoyle

Our regular outfits nowadays. From the series Times Like These @azatani

'Behind Glass' is a portrait series documenting mothers and children experiencing isolation in their homes during a period of enforced social distancing, to control the transmission of COVID-19 in Australia. @lisa.sorgini

I've been seeing a lot of photo contests based on the corona virus. One today said humour is appreciated, I could not get this image out of my head and I had to create it. | 3.25.20

Black Swan An unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically one with extreme consequences. During 5 weeks of isolation in South Africa I decided to turn the lens on myself to explore themes of vulnerability, isolation and mental health. @leeannolwage

Todo se transforma en #cuarentena #encasaconmismonstruos @chatoeitan

En ce temps de #confinement, d'introspection, de réflexion sur l'avenir commun et celui de notre planète. Que souhaitons nous pour nous même et surtout pour les futures générations ? La question se pose, la question s'impose. Expériences humaines partagées. Identité tant individuelle qu’universelle, peu importent l’âge, le sexe, l’ethnie. Attirer notre réflexion sur l’altérité, plus encore en ce temps de confinement, d'interdépendance. @ya_pictures

Black Lives Matter. London protest. @jeffmo69

Birthday portrait in quarantine. My grandmother turned 85 last month and I took this photo of her. This is third photo from the one picture in a month project. @k.gronborg

Bubble wrap is strangely beautiful in a photo. Insufficient Protection, 2020 @kimberlywitham

This image is part of my project of people self isolating at home. When Penelope contacted me to see if I would photograph her on her boat on the River Thames, I was super excited! @julia_fullertonbatten

July 25. Queens, New York. Day 133 of isolation. Everyone is giving up hope. You thought we were as well. But nope, not us. We're the epitome of optimism. @neilochka

Melanie, March 2020 I am a nurse as well as a photographer, and this image is of my colleague Melanie. But it’s not about me, and it’s not about Melanie. The title serves only to remind us that behind all the PPE there are people. People who work tirelessly to save lives in the NHS - before, during and long after our initial fears about covid fade away. There are those who have said an image won’t improve NHS pay, or clapping won’t improve working conditions. But, look at us now. We’re all talking about it. Never before have I seen so many people concerned about whether we are being paid enough or if services are being privatised. Perhaps next time we mobilise, march or strike these people will join us to affect positive change for our NHS. @johannahchurchill

My Poem Covid-19 and Me By Juliette Long, 10

Isolating can be boring, but so is maths at school in the morning! Families are parting, yet Easter fun is starting. Creative communication is key, to those important to me. Food is hard to buy, but Easter choc is coming by. Playgrounds are going, yet home life is growing. The NHS keeps going, and our rainbows are showing. To keep the world turning, the key workers aren’t snoring. Our planet is healing. No cars on the road, no planes in the sky, no people about. It’s a sad time for some but an end will come. Let’s learn for our new beginning. @justinedesmondphoto