Micrio for museums

Tell your stories in a while new way

  • Hosted collections
  • Individual object storytelling enrichment
  • High quality 360° object viewing
  • IIIF compatible, self hosting possibilities

Our award winning, IIIF compatible platform allows you to add, enrich and publish your collections and their stories in greatest detail in a matter of minutes.

See it in action

Micrio was used to create the interactive tour “Masterpieces Up Close” by Dutch Rijksmuseum: Recreating the experience of casually browsing a museum with a multimedia guide. Visitors ‘walk’ through the gallery at their own pace, zoom in on every tiny detail of each work of art, and listen to stories about 18 masterpieces.

Connect with your audiences in a new way

Creating engaging stories to connect to your audiences can take a lot of effort and time. Digital content creation should be about the ability to create great visual storytelling with as little hassle as possible.

Micrio allows you to upload very high resolution images, and enrich them with markers, tours, audio and video using our online editor. Upload, enrich and publish and share your stories in a matter of minutes.

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Attract new audiences

Gain attraction of new audiences by offering a new dimension to your collection, allowing people to fully immerse themselves and share it in just a few clicks.

No-hassle high quality storytelling

The focus on Micrio lies on making it as easy as possible to make solid and engaging stories. Without technical knowledge, you can use it create and publish in-depth visual storytelling in our comprehensive dashboard.

Your collection in the 21st century

Translate the knowledge you have about your collection by taking the user's hand through the objects. It doesn't matter if you have 1, 100 or 100,000 objects -- we offer fully hosted IIIF API support, keeping your focus on the content you want to present.

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How it works

  1. Upload your collection in a few clicks

    Use the Micrio dashboard to directly upload the images you want to enrich. Image resolution doesn't matter-- it is processed by the Micrio servers to allow a blazing fast visitor experience.

  2. Use the Micrio editor to create markers, tours, and add videos, audio and textual content

    Just by clicking around you can create in-depth, extensive tours throughout your objects. Take the user's hands and guide them through the objects, or can let them navigate their own way through your images.

  3. Publish and connect to your audiences

    After publishing your stories from the dashboard, you can easily share it online. Micrio works on all platforms and is optimized for social media, allowing your audience to immediately share your most interesting stories with others.

For large & small museums

Since 2015, Micrio has been used by a growing number of museums and cultural institutions to present online collections, tell engaging stories about famous art works, and allow people to visit 360° experiences. Institutions of all shapes and sizes are using Micrio:

Rijksmuseum logo Philadelphia Museum of Art logo Städel Museum Frankfurt logo Universiteit Leiden logo Naturhistorika riksmuseet logo Gemeente Amsterdam logo

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