A ton of features, right out of the box

Micrio was developed over a long period of time where there were many features added that you can use right out of the box.

High Resolution Tiled Imagery

Micrio supports images up to 150.000 pixels wide and high. We create thousands of tiles out of the image and only show you the tiles you need to see.

Forget the burden of serverside image resizing-- Micrio will always download a sharp image for every screen format using as little bandwidth as possible, resulting in very quick image loads and high performance.

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Cloud hosted global delivery

All uploaded images are processed serverside and hosted, optimized for high performance global delivery.

No sysadmins or servers needed, Micrio is a fully managed and hosted solution where you can focus on the things that matter most.

Full IIIF support

Micrio is fully compatible with the open standards of IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework).

Both for the IIIF Image API as a web client for existing IIIF-compatible image servers, and as a fully qualified IIIF image server itself. Also Micrio galleries and storytelling have a IIIF Presentation API compatible output.

See our IIIF page for details

Positional Markers with Audio & Video

With the Micrio editor you are able to place markers anywhere on the canvas and assign audio or video to those markers.

Positional Ambient Audio

You can add ambient sounds to specific areas of your painting or photograph. This way you can highlight these areas of your canvas.

Linear Tours

Create tours that take your users past all markers on your canvas to give them a curated glance at the work.

360° Images with VR Support

By linking different Micrio stories using positional markers, you can create interactive tours through your house or museum. Micrio has native support for WebVR for Oculus VR, Google Daydream devices and cardboards.

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Note: Click on the icon on your Android phone for Cardboard support. iOS is not supported yet.

Custom styling with CSS

Customize everything using CSS, use your own marker icons and styling and create nice overlays by placing your own image files (SVG, PNG) on top of your canvas.

Integrated Maps support

You can use Bing Maps to create your own tour on our planet. Add custom tours with audio- and videomarkers and choose from different rendering techniques.

Easy embedding

Try it yourself. First place this at the top of your HTML:

<script src=""></script>

And then paste the following on the place you want the Micrio canvas to be displayed:

<micr-io id="oJeaF" minimap fullscreen></micr-io>

Omit minimap or fullscreen if you don't want that. Check out the embedding documentation for more help.


Software is never finished. Our current endeavours are:

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