Docs, tutorials, examples and the FAQ

Welcome to the Micrio documentation. Here you can find documentation, HOWTO's, tutorials and examples of how to use, enrich, and embed or present your own Micrio projects.

Micrio is a full service where you can upload and enrich your ultra resolution images and share and embed them in many ways.

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Find out how to use the dashboard, editor, and for developers there is a comprehensive guide to embedding Micrio images in your own website and full documentation for the client JavaScript API.

1. The Dashboard

Find out how to create an account, and use the Micrio dashboard to create and manage projects, images, and folders.

2. The Editor

After you've uploaded your images, you can use the editor to enrich them with markers, audio, tours, and much more. This section details how to use the editor to create your own unique experiences.

3. Sharing and embedding your images

This section details how to share embed your Micrio creations or embed them into your own website, including custom embedding options.

3.1 IIIF support

How to use Micrio as IIIF Image Server, or Image Viewer using the Image API, or read about Micrio's compatibility with the Presentation API.

4. JS Image API

To gain full control over Micrio images embedded into your own website, there is a comprehensive Javascript API in the client. This section details custom camera controls and custom Micrio event handling.

5. Server API In progress

When you work with big image collections and don't want to manually upload your images in the dashboard, there is a comprehensible API to automatically upload and process large volumes of images.


To easily create your own custom Micrio implementations with your own styling, behavior and layout, follow these step by step guides.

1. How to embed Micrio into your own website

A step by step tutorial to embedding your uploaded Micrio images into your own website, so you can use it as a valuable content component.

2. Customize styling using your own CSS

You can easily use your own CSS to set the marker and popup styling for Micrio images. This tutorial shows you how.

3. Custom JavaScript implementations

In this tutorial we'll learn how to make custom interactions with the Micrio image, and image markers separately.